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Metal & Oil Recovery

The BALSER STEEL company is active in the metal, motor and vegetable oil recycling sectors. The company buys, gets back and sells ferrous and non-ferrous metals, motor and vegetable oils in accordance with the environmental standards.


Buy & sell

We buy a lot of ferrous scrap and Oil. We haggle with several types of suppliers, going from the local storekeeper to the big producers.


Construction Equipment

The company is always constantly evolving. We widen constantly our range of equipment so that they are adapted to our needs and those of our ever-growing customers.


We are a specialized company in the recovery and the valuation of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, motor and vegetable oil, materials and machinery of construction as well as the transportation of goods.

BALSER STEEL intervenes in various sectors of activity (automotive, manufacturers equipment, household electrical appliances, mechanics, aeronautics) and proposes a global offer: collection, sorting, processing, valuation with traceability and quality control of the materials.


The values that drive us are the result of our history and our commitment by keeping satisfying our customers and partners.

Control & expertise
With several years of experience(experiment), our business know-how is recognized in the "sectors of the recycling". This expertise is also translated by certifications and approvals, with partners sharing the same measures.
A continuous improvement process
Through our activity and our history, we are committed in a continuous improvement approach with our ISO certifications 9001 (quality) and ISO 14001 (environment). We also associate all our partners in order to propose to our customers a perfect understanding of our risks and solutions.
Quality of Service
The quality of the service is essential in our activities: the quality of the relation with our suppliers and customers, the quality of the service, and the availability. This quality of the service solely for the full satisfaction of our suppliers and customers through listening, the understanding of their needs, and the implementation of the corresponding actions, while bringing ongoing monitoring.
A national presence
Balser Steel guarantees nationwide coverage with several platforms and regional service providers. Thus, we provide all recovery and scrap management services in every region, and deliveries of goods with a great closeness each of our customers.

Company sustainability

BALSER STEEL works for sustainable development, our efforts are committed so that every action held by our company is a step forward in the National Environmental Strategy.

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